Informatics Research Core Facility

At the University of Missouri

The Informatics Research Core Facility (IRCF) is full-service Bioinformatics group at the University of Missouri. It offers a broad range of expertise and capabilities. Send an email (ircf@…) or stop by to discuss your interests – we're in the Bond Life Sciences Center, room 113.

Computational Infrastructure for Bioinformatics

An important part of what we do is facilitate the use of high-performance computing hardware to analyze biological data. Biologists have become adept at generating "Big Data" scale projects, but only a few have the expertise to manage and analyze their data directly. This is a key role the IRCF can play in the collection of strategies to finish a project. IRCF staff have extensive expertise in managing and analyzing massive data sets and designing strategies that bridge the distance from the bench to the bit.

Overview BioCluster2 Computational Resources: At the University of Missouri, there are several options for accessing High-Performance computing resources. The most significant resource is the Lewis Cluster, which is managed by the Research Computing Support Services group. The IRCF manages the BioCluster2, which is a smaller developmental cluster where users can find more hands-on guidance. Finally, The IRCF can facilitate bridging projects from a local cluster to a cloud computing resource like AWS, the Google cloud or XSEDE.
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