History of the IRCF

In January, 2009, the Missouri Life Science Trust Fund awarded funding for the University of Missouri to establish an Informatics Research Core Facility (IRCF). The goal of funding the IRCF is to enhance Life Sciences research projects across Missouri by using the trust fund’s one-time investment to establish a self-sustaining operation. This shared resource is intended to serve as the focal point from which research teams can access and gain bioinformatics expertise for improved design, data management, and analysis of their research projects, as well as provide a data warehouse to store and disseminate their research data sets and resulting analyses.

Scott Givan was hired as the Associate Director of the IRCF in May, 2010. Bill Spollen and Christopher Bottoms were subsequently hired as the lead Bioinformatics Analysts and Software Developers in September, 2010.

IRCF Mission

Core Services


Getting Started