IRCF Services & Fees

Service Unit Fee1 (USD) Unit Description
Ad-hoc hourly rate81.13hour
Plastome Assembly486.75assembly
Mt Genome Assembly486.75assembly
Bacterial Genome Assembly1622.50assembly
Bacterial Transcriptome Assembly & Automated Annotation1298.00assembly
Eukaryotic Transcriptome Assembly & Automated Annotation2109.25assembly
RNA-Seq visualization (pre-existing gbrowse, <= 4 sample types)162.254 samples
HTS mapping to reference genome243.38sample
Eukaryotic Nuclear Genome Assembly3245.00assembly
Bacterial Genome Annotation (Automated)1121.54genome
Eukaryotic Genome Annotation (Automated)2662.92genome
Curated Genome Annotation16225.00genome
Viral Genome Assembly & Annotation486.75assembly
96 Sample Amplicon (12S/16S) Analysis (Qiime)317.6096 samples
Derive integer count data from mapped reads24.34sample
Bacterial Genome Submission to NCBI162.25submission
Transcript Annotation527.31set
Methyl-Seq Analysis389.40sample
RNA-Seq Interpretation Package973.504 sample types
NCBI GEO/SRA submission162.25per 10 units
Illumina Data Cleanup81.13sample
Metagenomic Genome Assembly2433.7550M HiSeq
Metagenomic Genome Assembly Annotation1622.5050M HiSeq
Metagenomic/Amplicon Interpretation Package1622.50Dataset
Submit Amplicon Data to NCBI486.75Dataset
SNP/Indel/Variant Identification with pre-aligned data486.75Sample
SNP/Indel/Variant Visualization in Gbrowse243.38Sample
Transfer Data To/From USB Hard Drive103.131TB
Custom Software Installation324.50Job
HTS Mapping visualization (pre-existing gbrowse, <= 4 sample types)162.254 samples
Metagenomic OTU Comparison Analysis3245.00Dataset
Expression Correlation Analysis (WGCNA)6490.00Dataset
Build Sequence Database from Available Resources2028.13Database
  1. Amount listed is for a client that has no affiliation with the University of Missouri (MU). MU clients pay a slightly lower fee. Please contact Scott Givan if you have any questions.
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